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ISU Login  (What is ISU Login?)

ISU login is supported by the UCSF School of Medicine's Information Services Unit (ISU), a technology organization, and enables a single and common end-user interface for logging into some UCSF business systems and websites that serve UCSF and external end-users.

ISU login is flexible and accepts the username and password from your choice of two different campus accounts: Active Directory, or Email. These choices are described below:

Login Option 1: Active Directory Username and Password:

Username = the user name (also know as userid or account name) for your campus SOM, ITS (mail@UCSF), or Med Ctr Active Directory account. Often the username is the first portion of your campus e-mail address, e.g., your username is "smith" if your e-mail address is Check for a valid username?

If you need help identifying your Active Directory username, please contact the Help Desk by calling 514-4100 or "submit an IT ticket" via

Password = the password associated with the chosen account. Need help with your password?

Login Option 2: Email Username and Password:

Username = your full e-mail address, e.g.,,

Password = the password that is assigned by the ISU login system. This password is sent to your username e-mail address upon the creation of an ISU login "Email" account.

Need help with your password?

The ISU login "Email" account is for all other end-users (internal and external to UCSF) who do not have a recognized campus Active Directory account, but need to access ISU login protected systems and websites. This account is maintained by the ISU login system and consists of your e-mail address as your username and a system generated initial password that can later be changed by you.