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140.45: INTEGRATIVE APPROACHES TO END-OF-LIFE CARE - Shelley Adler, PhD; Denah Joseph, MFT; BJ Miller, MD

Tier 2. This elective takes an integrative and interprofessional approach to relationship-centered EOL care, cross-cultural understandings of death, and the spiritual dimension of dying. Highlights include didactic and experiential core seminars, presentations by EOL care providers (including integrative medicine practitioners), hospice visits, and the exploration of personal understandings and transformational opportunities of EOL care through the discussion of literature, writing and reflection.
Grading: Pass/Fail
Prerequisites: None
Quarters Taught: Sp 1B
Location: UCSF Medical Center at Mt Zion
Minimum Weeks Offered: 2
Maximum Students per Block: 20
Contact Name: YvetteCoulter
Contact Phone: 415-353-7991
Comments: This course is intended for 4th year medical students, but is open to students from other professional schools at UCSF. Please contact course coordinator prior to enrolling in course. Minimum # students for course to be offered: 8 students.