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140.09: PHOTOTHERAPY & PSORIASIS, ADVANCED - John Koo, MD; Wilson Liao, MD

Course 140.09 is designed to teach how to optimize the use of sophisticated, advanced therapeutic options for the individual patient by learning how to combine various treatment option to maximize efficacy and minimize risks.
Course Objectives: 1. Utilize combination therapy to meet the needs of patients with severe, generalized, refractory psoriasis and exzema. This includes combination of topicals, phototherapy, oral therapies, injectable biologic agents, and Goeckerman therapy. 2. Describe the medical and psychosocial co-morbidities associated with psoriasis and eczema, including cardiovascular disease, other autoimmune diseases, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and depression. 3. Integrate the patient's dermatologic care with other health care providers such as primary care physicians, rheumatologists, cardiologists, psychiatrists, and dieticians.
Patient Contact Hour Number (hours): 96
Classroom Time (hours): 16
Outside Study (hours): 48
Grading: Pass/Fail
Prerequisites: 140.06 and 140.07 Phototherapy and Psoriasis
Contact Name: Laura Harrison
Contact Phone: 415-353-7879
Location to report to: Psoriasis Daycare Center - 515 Spruce Street
Comments: 4 Weeks ONLY

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