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140.01: CLINICAL CLERKSHIP - Erin Amerson, M.D.

Tier 1B. In this introductory clerkship, students have daily, direct patient contacts in various outpatient dermatology clinics, providing broad exposure to common dermatologic problems as well as complex, referral based dermatologic care. The experience is supplemented by didactic lectures, web-based learning modules and textbook readings, as well as presentation of cases to faculty preceptors.
Course Objectives: Develop familiarity with dermatologic vocabulary. Learn to recognize and initiate therapy of common dermatologic disorders. Become cognizant of uncommon or complicated dermatologic problems that require specialty care.
Common Problems/Diseases: Skin cancers, including basal and squamous cell carcinomas and melanoma. Inflammatory skin diseases, including atopic and contact dermatitis and psoriasis. Infections and infestations of the skin. Diseases affecting skin appendages, such as acne and alopecia. Benign tumors, such as melanocytic nevi, seborrheic keratoses, and common birthmarks. Skin involvement in systemic disease, such as HIV infection and lupus erythematosis.
Recommended Text or Reading: Lookingbill and Marks, Principles of Dermatology. (You may borrow the text from the Reserve Desk at the library 2-wk reserve.)
Team Composition: In clinics, students are supervised by faculty attendings and dermatology residents and fellows. During their elective, students meet with their faculty preceptor for one or more case presentation conferences.
Call Schedule/Weekends: No night or weekend call.
Grading: Pass/Fail
Quarters Taught: Su 1 & 2B & 3, Fa 1 & 2 & 3, Wi & 2A & 3A, Sp 1
Location: Unspecified
Minimum Weeks Offered: 2
Maximum Students per Block: 4
Contact Name: LauraHarrison
Contact Phone: 353-7879
Location to report to: Refer to email sent out Wednesday prior to rotation
Comments: MS3 students who are interested in a career in dermatology may take this elective during 3rd year pending approval by the clerkship director; please email Erin Amerson (erin.amerson@ucsf.edu) to arrange a meeting to discuss. Students desiring more clinical exposure to dermatology may also sign up for 140.08 Advanced Clinical Dermatology. Although usually full with UCSF students -- spots are reserved each two-week period for visiting students 7/18/16 to 11/4/2016. Visiting students may also sign up for 140.08 Advanced Clinical Dermatology to make a 4-week elective. PLEASE NOTE ABSENCES ARE ALLOWED ONLY FOR ILLNESS, EMERGENCIES, 1 DAY OF APPROVED RESIDENCY INTERVIEWS AND THE CPX EXAM.

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