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Anesthesia and Perioperative Care

150.01: RESEARCH - Kris Breyer, M.D.

Students conduct research projects under the guidance of faculty members. Individual projects must be approved by the instructor who will supervise the student. Students may initiate or become involved in established research programs under faculty guidance.
Course Objectives: Learn the fundamentals of basic or clinical research. Learn how to formulate a research question, develop approaches to answer the question, and participate in research activities. Learn how to present research data in front of the laboratory group or in front of a scientific meeting. Participate in writing results for a scientific paper.
Common Problems/Diseases: Neurosurgical conditions, critical care problems, cardiac diseases, pain and addiction, cerebral aneurysms, mechanism of anesthesia, mechanisms of memory and learning, acute lung injury and sepsis.
Recommended Text or Reading: Will depend on area chosen.
Team Composition: Student, faculty, fellows.
Call Schedule/Weekends: No call.
Grading: Pass/Fail
Prerequisites: UCSF students only. Obtain the necessary forms from the Office of Curricular Affairs.
Quarters Taught: Su, Fa, Wi, Sp
Location: Taught at various locations
Minimum Weeks Offered: 4
Comments: Has lead to publications for students involved and very rewarding experiences. REQUIRED: Submit Approval for Research Block Elective form at least 4 weeks before the start date. 150 form can be found here: http://meded.ucsf.edu/ume/forms.

How to Add & Drop a course:
To add this course, please submit the 150 Research Application found on the Forms page: http://meded.ucsf.edu/mse/forms. To drop this course, please submit a request through the online elective request system.