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Anesthesia and Perioperative Care

140.52: PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIA ROTATION -4th Year OMFS - Gabriel Sarah, M.D.

Tier 1A. The provision of anesthesia to children varies greatly from that of the adult. Children pose interesting and unique challenges, different physiology, and present with diverse and challenging disease processes. The exposure to this patient group will provide a much different educational experience and perspective to students who have completed their adult anesthesia rotation. The pediatric anesthesia rotation will allow students the opportunity to provide hands-on care to children from birth to age 18 undergoing sedation or general anesthesia for myriad surgeries and procedures. Grading for this course is pass/fail only.

Course Objectives: 1. Evaluate the pediatric patient in a preoperative setting and create an anesthesia plan applying information discussed with attending anesthesiologists. 2. Identify and describe the fundamental differences between adult and pediatric cardiac and respiratory physiology. 3. Apply the knowledge of pediatric physiology to the creation of a care plan for the sedated or anesthetized child. 4. Analyze the information provided by the various intraoperative monitors and apply that information to create a plan for potential adjustment to patient care. 5. Apply and demonstrate skills from their intraoperative experience such as IV placement, bag mask ventilation, LMA placement, and tracheal intubation, and apply those skills to the pediatric patient or in the rapid response setting.
Grading: Pass/Fail
Prerequisites: Successful completion of both the Pediatrics & Anesthesia Core Clerkship (110) rotations.
Quarters Taught: Su, Fa, Wi, Sp
Location: UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay
Minimum Weeks Offered: 4
Contact Name: GabrielSarah
Contact Phone: (415) 476-3799
Comments: 4th Year OMFS students