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140.06: PAIN MANAGEMENT - Xiaobing Yu, M.D.

Tier 1B. This course in pain management allows students to participate in the assessment and treatment of patients with complex chronic pain or cancer pain in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Morning lectures, journal clubs and multidisciplinary treatment plan meetings comprise the didactic portion, while pain management evaluations and interventional procedures with faculty, fellows and residents provide the clinical portion.
Course Objectives: : 1) To learn the essential elements of a detailed or focused chronic pain history 2) To learn the essential elements of a detailed or focused chronic pain examination 3) To understand the process of medical decision making for chronic pain based on diagnosis, treatment options, and risk/benefit ratio 4) To know the indications and risks of common interventional pain procedures 5) To become familiar with commonly used pain medications for treatment of nociceptive and neuropathic pain 6) To realize that the management of chronic pain involves many areas of interest and different medical disciplines.
Common Problems/Diseases: Chronic musculoskeletal low back pain, neck pain, and joint pain; chronic neuropathic pain, such as radiculopathies, neuropathies, and complex regional pain syndromes; chronic headache; cancer pain.
Recommended Text or Reading: Selected readings will be provided at the start of rotation in either electronic or paper format.
Team Composition: There are 3-4 attending physicians and 4 pain medicine fellows present each day at the Pain Management Center. Two anesthesia residents also rotate through the Pain Center each month. Learning and participation in the evaluation and management of chronic pain patients are in a team setting involving attending physician and/or fellow/resident.
Patient Contact Hour Number (hours): 40
Classroom Time (hours): 3
Call Schedule/Weekends: No call or weekends for medical students.
Grading: Pass/Fail/Honors
Prerequisites: None.
Quarters Taught: Su 1 & & 3, Fa, Wi, Sp
Location: UCSF Medical Center at Mt Zion
Minimum Weeks Offered: 4
Maximum Students per Block: 2
Contact Name: Marie Lim
Contact Phone: (415) 476-2851
Location to report to: Pain Management Center at Mt Zion
Comments: UCSF Medical Students

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