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IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Library is decommissioning Galen on June 30, 2011. If you are using your Galen ID to log in, as of July 1, you will need to start using your Active Directory username and password. If you need help identifying your Active Directory username, please contact the Help Desk by calling 502-1919 or email them at

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STEP 1: Please enter your e-mail address above and click submit. If you have a valid Active Directory or GALEN account, we may be able to identify your username. If you have an ISU login E-mail account, we will be able to e-mail you a new password to the e-mail address that you entered above.

STEP 2: If Step 1 did not resolve your problem please see additional instructions below:

Active Directory accounts

SOM Accounts
If you know your userid and password, but your password has expired or you'd like to reset or change your password,use the
If you've forgotten your password or userid or your account is locked out, please call the Information Services Unit at
Medical Center and ITS accounts
For all userid and password problems, please
call the ITS and Medical Center Helpdesk at

GALEN accounts

If you forgot your username,
If you forgot or need to reset your password,
For other GALEN account issues
GALEN help
415- 476-2336

Please note that ISU login requires 24 Hours to recognize new GALEN accounts

E-mail accounts
If you forgot your password, please follow Step 1 to reset your password

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